MORTEL NOIR by TRUDON - Intense and Spicy


Combining a virile force with natural harmonies, Mortel Noir suggests skins heating up against one another: the strength of black pepper from Madagascar blended with incense from Somalia, myrrh and benzoin reveal the erotic spell of pure Cistus.

In a dark attire, Mortel Noir impresses with its matte black bottle and cap: on the label, the sole name of the perfume shines in gold letters.

Equally adorned in hot gold, a drawing by Bastien Coulon runs on the outside of the ink-black box: it features an artist as a mortal creative figure plunging into the abyss.

Capacity: 100 ml

Head Notes - Madagascar Black Pepper

Heart Notes - Somalian Frankincense

Base Notes - Pure Cistus



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