John and Sherri Duvall, architect and interior design at Duvall Atelier

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Sherri and John Duvall founded their eponymous design firm in 2001 with the express intent of integrating the fields of architecture and interior design to best serve their clients, no matter what the scale or scope of each individual project.

Their portfolio of projects ranges from complete custom home designs, to successful restaurants and bars, to single room interior makeovers. The design team at Duvall approaches each project with the simple idea that each project should reflect the lifestyle, goals and aspirations of the client. 

Each project is designed with a keen eye toward scale and proportion that will result in comfortable, timeless spaces that are welcoming and inviting for family, for friends and for entertaining. Each space is designed to integrate the architectural details, furniture, décor, and color schemes to create a rich, textured space that can change and evolve because it is a reflection of the personal lifestyle of the client.

To achieve this, each project begins with a conversation. Not just how big is it and how much is it going to cost, but what are the hopes and dreams of the client about their project. For each space we ask not just what is the function, but what is the intention. How will the space make you feel?

How will you use it every day? How does each room fit into the client’s overall vision of their lives? What are the important pieces that the client owns, and how can that history inform the new design? This is the conversation that distills the vision and goals of the project, and from this vision, the actual design process begins.

The design process includes sketches, drawings and models to develop and illustrate the exteriors and interiors of the projects. Materials, fixtures, and furniture are selected to complete the vision of the space or project. A process of review meetings and revisions refine the design until it aligns with the goals and vision of the client.

John Duvall, architect and owner of Duvall Atelier
Sherri Duvall, interior designer and owner of Duvall Atelier

Following the design phase, Duvall assists the clients in the selection of contractors and skilled tradespeople and helps coordinate the construction and installation of all of the elements of the project to completion.

In the end, a successful project is a reflection of the client, not the designer. At Duvall, the client’s vision is paramount, and our role in helping a client achieve that vison is the source of our deepest professional satisfaction.