L'ESPRIT DE L'EAU - Mineral Woods

The founding idea behind the Maître Tseng × Trudon collection came from imagining the flow of water from the sky, enriched by elements of the earth. Reflecting this idea, this range of scented candles is expressed in three stages.


Head Notes - Somalia incense, Juniper, Madagascar Black Pepper

Heart Notes - Clear Jasmine Accord, Mineral Accord, Jasmine

Base Notes - White Orris Accord, Cedarwood Texas , Cypres France

Burning time - 55 to 60 hours

The Journey of water

Trudon collaborates with Maître Tseng to imagine a collection of three scented candles that celebrate the world of tea and its five thousand years history.

This collection of scented candles is expressed in three stages.

In L’Esprit de l’Eau, water remains between its vapor and liquid states, it has not yet made its choice. In its barely embodied purity, water remains with the grey-green shades of mountains.

While running on slopes, water meets with the poetic freshness of a floral universe. In Sous un Ciel de Pétales, water remembers that it used to be a cloud by embodying a cloud of spring fragrances.

Diving underground, water densifies, takes on notes of humus and becomes peaty: Terre à Terre precisely describes this water as it mixes with terroir.

Worldwide Tea master MASTER TSENG-  Yu Hui Tseng, from a very old Chinese family and is a descendant of the first disciple of Confucius, represents both tradition and modernity in tea.  As the holder of the tradition, she has brought tea into the modern era, creating close relationships with great figures of world gastronomy.


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