TRUDON Classic Candle, Solis Rex - Versailles Wooden Floors



Scent: Solis Rex

A reminiscence of the large wooden floors of the Hall of Mirrors in the Chateau de Versailles, vapors of wax, candelabras, and palace. This supreme and solar perfume blends the green and wooded path of coniferous trees to the sumptuous dizziness of incense, with a light ray of citrus.

Head of green leaves, eucalyptus, and orange with a heart of fir's bark and a base of cedar and incense.

Trudon was established in 1643 by Claude Trudon. It is known to be the oldest surviving candle maker in Paris. Generations have passed but these bespoke candles are still made to the exacting standards of Parisian artisanship. Trudon candles are hand-poured and made with the finest beeswax that has been filtered, washed, and bleached in the sunlight. Each fragrance tells a unique story and creates an inimitable sensorial experience.


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